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How we eventually fell in love

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This Valentine’s Day marks my three-year “adopt-a-versary” with Millie. It was the worst Valentine’s Day of my life.

I adopted Millie too soon after my soul dog, Tovi, died, naively thinking that getting another dog would make my insurmountable pain disappear — as if relationships could just transfer. I was wrong. So wrong. If I thought my grief was bad then, it only worsened as I grieved my dog's loss, and the reality that my impulsivity had once again landed me in a bad situation.

I literally chose the first dog I saw at the shelter. In fact, I hadn’t…

Our marriage has never been better

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Getting separate beds may have been the best thing that ever happened to our marriage — on a daily basis level, obviously.

After getting married, two light sleepers trying to navigate different wake times proved challenging — really challenging. A few days a week, my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m., and despite lying my gym clothes out the night before as not to shuffle through the drawers while Jared slept, the ever so gentle sound of stepping out of bed would wake him, and if it didn't, our dog — assuming it was time to get up — did…

Wow! What a journey. Thank you so much for sharing. My heart breaks for the pain you experience. I am glad you are spreading awareness and giving people perspective - health is something that is all too often taken for granted.

Perspective | Pet ownership

Sure, “your” dog might be friendly, but mine isn’t.

Photo by Jenni Combs

This was my dog circa 2005. I was wrong to have him off-leash.

It wasn't about how friendly he was; it wasn't fair to the dogs who weren't as friendly. Those dogs have every right to enjoy a walk just as much as any other dog. They aren't “mean” dogs as I used to think; they simply have their preferences and are trying to enjoy a walk like any other dog.

An article with the subtitle, “The benefits of walking your dog off leash,” has popped up on my recommended reading for a few days now. Every time I read…

Many overlapping skill sets make it a natural fit

Photo by AJ Hart

This is the first in a series of spotlighting the lives of truckers. Everyone on the road has a story, and I am here to tell them.

I spoke to AJ while on his way to Tennessee to deliver a tractor-trailer full of toys to Wendy’s.

(Bet you never thought about where that toy came from when you picked up a Kid’s Meal or how the ingredients for the burger you’re about to bite into magically arrived.)

AJ was adopted at nine months old after being removed from his family by the state. We commiserated over the “what would life…

Anecdote | Mental Health

We’re both on Prozac, down to the same dose

Photo by Jarrod Reed on Unsplash

More than I should, I find my mind wandering to that dangerous area where I think about how much easier my life would be without Millie (my dog). I know how terrible this sounds, but it’s my truth. Isn’t dog ownership meant to enhance our lives? Aren’t we supposed to have these carefree, loving, fun relationships with our dogs like we see in the movies?

Apparently, not always.

If we were in a relationship, upon breaking up, I would cry and tell Millie it’s me, not her. And it is 100% me. She is who she is, and it’s me

“Buzz” Photo by Pinky Caylor

A photo collection of dogs and cats on…

Seriously, this could save your life.

Photo by Caleb Ruiter on Unsplash

Cliff Williams, at age eighty, just retired after sixty years and over six million miles on the road. Yes, you read that right: SIXTY YEARS ON THE ROAD and SIX MILLION MILES. Throughout his trucking career, due to his meticulous driving record and, for lack of a better phrase, stickler for safety, he was heavily involved in trucking associations that ensured safety regulations were being adhered to, rode with state troopers, and more than once, was named a state and national champion in the annual Truck Driving Championships. Not to mention his philanthropic efforts delivering essential goods to disaster areas.

Anecdote | Pet Ownership

What I wish I knew before I brought home my first dog

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Everything I learned about dog mom (or dad) life is from my own mistakes and working at an animal shelter. I’ll begin with a standard disclaimer: I am not a professional trainer, and my experience and opinions are not a replacement for working with a professional.

With that said, this is what I learned from making mistakes along the way — basically, what I wish I knew when I adopted my first dog, and if I’m honest, my second dog too. Beating yourself up? Mistakes are part of the process, so put that bat down!

Elizabeth Weiner, M.S., LCPC

Therapist → writer. Writing about complicated relationships with pets; body image & the trucking industry. Always written with vulnerability and authenticity

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