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This Valentine’s Day marks my three-year “adopt-a-versary” with Millie. It was the worst Valentine’s Day of my life.

I adopted Millie too soon after my soul dog, Tovi, died, naively thinking that getting another dog would make my insurmountable pain disappear — as if relationships could just transfer. I was…

Author’s personal photo — Red Rock Canyon — Nevada

As my stepdad wheeled me out of the hospital and into the UberX, I turned to my mom and, in a defeated tone, whispered, “I’m going to get so fat.”

I was in Las Vegas with my family over Thanksgiving. We don’t do the traditional Thanksgiving thing but instead take…

Photo by Alexey Demidov on Unsplash

Content warning: Eating disorders, eating disorder recovery

I’ve been missing for a while now. Not in a physical sense, but I’ve checked out of life. It started slowly and insidiously. It always does, and it’s so subtle that until I’m overcome with exhaustion, I don’t even realize I’ve left. I…

Elizabeth Weiner

Forever a work in progress. Writing about pets, body image, self, and other reflections. Always written with vulnerability and authenticity.

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