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This Valentine’s Day marks my three-year “adopt-a-versary” with Millie. It was the worst Valentine’s Day of my life.

I adopted Millie too soon after my soul dog, Tovi, died, naively thinking that getting another dog would make my insurmountable pain disappear — as if relationships could just transfer. I was…

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Content warning: Eating disorders, eating disorder recovery

I’ve been missing for a while now. Not in a physical sense, but I’ve checked out of life. It started slowly and insidiously. It always does, and it’s so subtle that until I’m overcome with exhaustion, I don’t even realize I’ve left. I…


Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

“Did you hear Angel go her tail cropped?”

“Of course, it’s been the talk of the dog park.”

“She’s so fancy with her flashy collars, perfectly groomed paws, and designer clothes. And if I hear one more time about her raw diet and her daily workout routine with her hooman…

Elizabeth Weiner

Forever a work in progress. Writing about pets, body image, self, and other reflections. Always written with vulnerability and authenticity.

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